Do You Love Your Neighbour?

You need a large space for this game, and ideally should tidy breakable decorations away somewhere safe before beginning. Set out chairs in a circle so that there is one chair less than there are players.

One person is chosen as ‘it’ and stands in the centre of the circle, while the other players sit down facing them. The chosen player must choose another at random and ask, ‘do you love your neighbour?’

The seated player can answer one of two ways. If they say ‘no’ then the players sitting on their immediate left and right must quickly get up and switch chairs. If they say ‘yes’ then they must add ‘except for those who…’ and name a characteristic of those present.

For example;

“Yes, except those with brown hair.”
“Yes, except those wearing trainers.”
“Yes, except those who can play piano.”

In this case any of the other seated players who answer this description must immediately get up and try to get into another seat.

Whether the seated player answers no or yes, the aim for the person standing in the middle is to quickly acquire one of the chairs that is vacated. If they succeed in doing so then the person left without a chair is the next ‘it’, and must stand in the centre and choose a new player to ask ‘do you love your neighbour?’






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