All players need a pen and some paper. The object of the game is to form a short (funny) story by each player writing down the following things:

  1. Adjective for man
  2. Man’s name
  3. Adjective for woman
  4. Woman’s name
  5. Where they met
  6. He wore
  7. She wore
  8. He said to her
  9. She said to him
  10. The consequence was… (a description of what happened after)
  11. What the world said

Once all players have written down the first thing (adjective for a man) they fold their paper over to obscure their answer, and then pass the paper to the next player. They then write the second thing on the new paper the receive, fold that over and pass it on and so forth until all 11 things are written down. The papers are then unfolded to read the stories.





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