Wink Murder

Before the game begins, one person is selected to be the murderer, unknown to any of the other players. The murderer’s job is to kill as many of the other players as possible by making direct eye contact and then winking at them. A player who is winked at must wait five seconds, and then die a dramatic and noticeable death.

This can be played in a circle, or walking around a room. There are two variations for catching the murderer. First anyone may guess at who it is, by saying “I accuse” but not naming anyone. For the murderer to be caught a second player needs to support the first by also saying “I accuse” and again naming no names. The two accusers, without conferring with one another, must then point at the same time to the person they suspect. If they both point to the player who is the murderer, he is caught. If they point to the wrong person, or they both point to different people, they lose and must now both die themselves.

Sitting in a circle it may be difficult for the murderer to do her job without getting caught early on as all the other players are watching for her. The second variation for catching the murder has a detective chosen as well. All players know who the detective is, and only the detective may guess at who the murderer is.





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