• Sudan has more pyramids than any country in the world. While 138 pyramids have been discovered in Egypt, Sudan boasts around 255.
• A one-way trip on the Trans-Siberian Railway involves crossing 3,901 bridges. The journey is the longest railway in the world, and takes seven days, during which time passengers pass through eight different time zones.
• Japan has one vending machine for every 40 people.
• Lemons float, but limes sink.
• Firefighters use wetting agents to make water wetter. The chemicals reduce the surface tension of plain water so it’s easier to spread and better soaks into objects, which is why it’s known as “wet water.”
• No number before 1,000 contains the letter A.
• Frankenstein’s creature is a vegetarian. The creature says, “My food is not that of man; I do not destroy the lamb and the kid to glut my appetite; acorns and berries afford me sufficient nourishment.”
• Sloths have more neck bones than giraffes. There are seven vertebrae in the neck of a giraffe, and in most mammals, but there are 10 in a sloths.
• Dinosaurs lived on the other side of the galaxy – our whole solar system, along with everything else in the galaxy, is orbiting a supermassive black hole. So when dinosaurs were alive, the Earth was on the other side of the galaxy.
• Tall people are more likely to get cancer.
• A club sandwich is actually a C.L.U.B. sandwich – chicken and lettuce under bacon!
• William Midgley has the dubious honour of having made the biggest impact to the environment of any single organism in history: he invented leaded petrol… and then CFCs.






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