Einstein’s Riddle

I’ve seen this puzzle in a few places under a few names, and thought I’d have a go at solving it.

Read on to see the short solution (to the question of who owns the fish) and the full solution (of exactly who lives in which house, with their individual pets, drinks and cigars). Have a go at solving the puzzle yourself first. I worked it out simply by following the clues given, with the assumption that the clue stating ‘the green house is on the left of the white house’ meant that it was on the immediate left as so;

My solution is that the German owns the fish.

My full solution is as follows:

First House

Colour: Yellow
Owner: Norwegian
Pet: Cat
Drink: Water
Cigar: Dunhill

Second House

Colour: Blue
Owner: Dane
Pet: Horse
Drink: Tea
Cigar: Blend

Third House

Colour: Red
Owner: Brit
Pet: Bird
Drink: Milk
Cigar: Pall Mall

Fourth House

Colour: Green
Owner: German
Pet: Fish
Drink: Coffee
Cigar: Prince

Fifth House

Colour: White
Owner: Swede
Pet: Dog
Drink: Beer
Cigar: Bluemaster

Or to see that in grid layout (which is how I solved it):





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