• Yes and No in Welsh

    Welsh doesn’t have a single word to use every time for yes and no questions. The word used depends on the form of the question. You must generally answer using the relevant form of the verb used in the question, or in questions where the verb is not the first element you use either ‘ie’…

  • 50 U and Non-U Words and Phrases

    Find out what your vocabulary says about you in this table of U (upper class) and Non-U (middle class) words and phrases: U Non-U Ale Beer Assist Help Bike or bicycle Cycle Breakfast / luncheon / dinner Meal Chimneypiece Mantelpiece Daily Cleaner (as in the person) Decent Civil (behaviour) Die Pass on Dinner Tea (for…

  • 80 Surnames with Surprising Pronunciation

    Did you know that the English surname “Featherstonehaugh” is pronounced “fanshaw”? Table of more unexpected name pronunciations: Surname Pronunciation Alleyne alleen Ayscoug as-kew Balfour balfer Bayles bayluss Beauchamp beecham Beaufoy boffy Belvoir beaver Berkeley barklee Bethune beeton Blount blunt Caius keys Cholomondley chumley Colquhoun car-hoon Cowper cooper Coylton culltun Creamer craymer Crichton cryton Crough crow…

  • Getting To Know You Questions

    A roughly ginormous list of questions you can ask to better get to know someone.

  • Either / Or Questions

    Either-or questions can be fun ways to get to know new friends – or learn more about old friends!