Government Misdirecting Anger

I think one of the most insidious things the coalition government has done is to try and misdirect our anger towards the ill and disabled – the vulnerable people in our society – when it should be more rightfully be directed towards the profiteering upper classes.

Working class people are facing tough times at the moment, with cash flow being severely restricted and a lack of confidence in job security adding additional stress. And yet the government is misdirecting their anger and frustration at the situation they find themselves in, towards the vulnerable people who most need society’s support.

When a worker feels frustration that they are working long hours for little money, they are told that this is the fault of the people who are claiming benefits. That if there weren’t so many poor and sick people stealing this money then they would see it going into their pockets instead.

This is a lie.

The people who deserve to feel the brunt of this righteous anger are the rich upper classes. It is a cruel and underhanded trick to pass off the blame onto the people who are least able to defend themselves. How can these upper echelon people – politicians, bankers, corporate managers – have the gall to take home six-figure salaries and at the same time tell the workers that they can’t afford to pay them more and that it’s the fault of the sick and disabled?

How can we accept this lie? Why do we believe that big businessmen deserve to award themselves thousands of pounds in bonuses, instead of supporting their workforce? Why do we accept politicians using taxpayers’ money to pay for their second homes, and swallow their lies about needing to reduce spending by cutting benefits? Why don’t we think twice about corporations dodging millions of pounds of tax, and focus instead on benefit fraud which accounts for less than 1% of the welfare budget?

Do we really think that if the unemployed were somehow wiped out, that we would profit by it? Do you think that money would go into our pockets, or into the pockets of the people who are experts at fiddling the system because they’re the ones who control it?

Do we honestly believe that being rich and powerful means that you deserve to get richer, and that being poor and sick means that you deserve to suffer for it?

It makes me heartsick that we are being encouraged to be this cold-hearted and vindictive, that we are being urged to develop hatred and not compassion for people who are vulnerable and suffering. Is this really the world we want to live in? Is this really who we want to be?

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