#78 – Make A Yule Log

I was so pleased with myself for getting this one done! I wanted to make a “yule log” that instead of going in a fire itself, would hold candles and be a nice decoration.

I had the wood from my mother, who generally has a good store laid in over winter for her wood burning stove. I had two pieces; one slightly bigger than the other, and thought I’d work on them both since then if one was a disaster, I’d still have the other and could learn from my mistakes. They sat beside my fire for a few days, just to make sure they were perfectly dry and then the crafting began!
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Natural History Museum

#34 – Visit the Natural History Museum.

Natural History MuseumI did this as part of a two-day trip to London with my mother on 12th and 13th December. We caught the Swansea to Paddington on the Monday, visited the Globe Theatre and Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park and stayed overnight in the Millennium Bailey’s Hotel, Gloucester Road.

On Tuesday morning we headed to the Natural History Museum, just a short walk from the hotel. It’s a massive building with really impressive gothic architecture, complete with hundreds of gargoyles. We were very lucky to have such a nice day to walk down in – especially since the night before it had been chucking it down when we were in Hyde Park. Continue reading “#34 – Visit the Natural History Museum.”

#150 – Go to the opera.

A Night at the Opera Programme and TicketACI was really excited about this, partly because it meant dressing up and pretending to be cultured(!), and partly because it’s the very first item I can cross off my bucket list! It was a spur of the moment thing as well; my mum was meant to be going to London this week but when that fell through I thought she might enjoy going out in Swansea instead and checked what was on in the theatre. Fate must have been willing it, because I spotted ‘A Night at the Opera’ and decided it would be the perfect way to give mum a nice night out while crossing an item off my list. Continue reading “#150 – Go to the opera.”