#78 – Make A Yule Log

I was so pleased with myself for getting this one done! I wanted to make a “yule log” that instead of going in a fire itself, would hold candles and be a nice decoration.

I had the wood from my mother, who generally has a good store laid in over winter for her wood burning stove. I had two pieces; one slightly bigger than the other, and thought I’d work on them both since then if one was a disaster, I’d still have the other and could learn from my mistakes. They sat beside my fire for a few days, just to make sure they were perfectly dry and then the crafting began!

I’d borrowed a drill and clamps from my father, but there I found a problem straight away; the logs were both too big to fit the clamps! Not being terribly confident with power tools anyway, I decided to enlist dad’s help. My father is the dearest, most obliging father ever, and collected me, the wood, drill and clamps and relocated us all to his ‘workshop’. He planed the bottom of both logs so that they should have a flat, stable base.

After this we tested a couple of drill bits out on some spare wood to find the right size to make holes for candles – didn’t get a perfect match, but good enough – and then began making three holes per log. Since the clamps wouldn’t fit the logs dad did all this just holding the wood in place, but thankfully the planed bases did their job and kept the wood from rolling or shifting beneath the drill. Finally we got all six holes done.

Next came decorating. I wanted bits and bobs that looked natural, but maybe with a bit of extra colour, and in the end dumped out a couple of packs of pot pourri and used some of the leaves and cones from them. I used a hot glue gun to stick the bits onto the log, hoping that the dried glue wouldn’t be too conspicuous, since I have yet to acquire the talent of being neat with it.

I think it worked pretty well; the glue doesn’t show too much, especially with candle wax dripping down the sides, and the red, green and white wax makes a nice effect on them. I did have to pack the holes with bits of paper, which you can see in the pictures above. It wasn’t totally necessary, as the candles didn’t wobble in the holes, but I wanted to make sure they’d stay put!

And there you have it; two Yule logs which I’m very happy with and will be saving for next year.

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