Creative Writing & Blogging Prompts

Blogging Prompts

The Daily Post
Prompts you with both a question to answer if you want a prompt for writing a blog post, and a single word if you want a prompt for taking a photo or creating some other art work.

The One-Minute Writer
Prompts you with a question which you are encouraged to write an answer for within 60 seconds (there’s a timer included on the site).

Bloggy Moms Blog Dare
Has prompts for 2011-2013 which are just short sentences designed to give you an idea for a topic to blog about, or in some cases which ask you to answer a specific question.

The Imagination Prompt Generator
Has a variety of prompts which you can browse, some of which ask you a specific question, or require you to list ideas, or give you a topic to write about.

Creative Writing Prompts

Writers Write Daily Prompt
Offers creative writing prompts on a range of topics, presented on an attractive image of a typewriter with paper which you can include on your blog.

Writing Prompts
Daily writing prompts used by a teacher, presented as images which include notes on the type of creative writing required by each prompt.

365 Picture Prompts
Displays a different picture every day, and prompts you with questions relating (directly or in an abstract fashion) to what is happening in the image.

Photo Prompts
Provides you with daily pictures, some of which ask you to answer a particular question, others of which ask you to interpret the story behind the picture.

Other Prompts

Fat Mum Slim Photo A Day
Gives you an image for each month, with a prompt for a photo to take every day.

Daily Photo Prompts
Offers images which have words or sentences describing photos you can take every day.

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