Things I Have Achieved

Unlike my bucket list of things I want to achieve, this is a list of things which I have achieved. The idea behind keeping this list is to give me motivation and encouragement. Since I’ve only just started my bucket list I’ve not crossed anything off it yet, so I’m starting this list with all the things I’ve already achieved. I’m going to add my bucket list items here as I cross them off the main list, so I can keep track of all the cool things I’ve done, seen and learned. – 12th November 2011

Addendum: When I started trying to write this list I came up with about 5 or 6 things, and felt a little depressed like, “Is that really it?” Then I started thinking of it less in terms what certificates I have, and more in terms of what other people might have on their bucket lists; things that maybe don’t end up on your CV, but which you’re thankful for all the same. I actually found this a really nice exercise as a way to ‘count my blessings and be grateful’.

  1. Pass entrance exam for Haberdashers’ Monmouth School for Girls. – 1996
  2. Get my GCSE’s. – 2002, IT (A*), German (A*), Welsh (A*), Mathematics (A*), English Literature (A*), English Language (A), History (A), Double Science (AA), Drama (B)
  3. Get my AS-levels. – 2003, English Literature (A), Psychology (A), Sociology (B), Computing (B)
  4. Get my A-levels. – 2004, Psychology (C), Sociology (C), Computing (C). I’m not actually thrilled with my results here, but at least I have A-levels.
  5. Get my degree. – 2008, BSc Computer Science 2:1
  6. Own my own home. – With my partner, May 2007
  7. Go snowboarding. – March 2008
  8. Sunbathe at the top of the Alps. – March 2008
  9. Own my own website. – has been online since 2001
  10. Go on holiday with just my partner. – Lanzarote, May 2010
  11. Take my Junior Acting Medallion with LAMDA. – June 2000
  12. Learn Tae Kwon Do and pass one grading. – December 2000
  13. Hold a job more than 5 years. – ELC June 2005 to October 2011
  14. Learn to make cawl without looking at the recipe. – 2008/9?
  15. Learn to make shepherd’s pie without looking at the recipe. – 2011
  16. Start my own business. – 2009, Pixi Hosting
  17. Complete my own tax return. – 2010 onwards. I like doing it as much as Bernard Black does, but I still get it done.
  18. Create a website for a paying client. – 2010, Swansea Council
  19. Give a presentation to a full room. – 2011, Swansea 14-19 Network
  20. Own a random collection. – keyrings, begun as a child and still being added to
  21. See a bioluminescent bay. – Caswell (completely randomly), 2005/6?
  22. See a newborn lamb take its first steps. – Folly Farm, 2003/4?
  23. Play football with a sheep. – Zed’s farm (honestly!) 1998/9?
  24. Learn to walk and trot on a horse. – Various riding lessons / treks over the years
  25. Ride pillion on a jetski. – Lanzarote, May 2010
  26. Ride a bicycle built for two. – 1995/6? with my dad
  27. Build a treehouse. – David’s field, 1997/8?
  28. Teach my dog over 10 commands. – September 2008 onwards
  29. Get a tattoo. – 2002, the first of five – the last of which is being turned into a full sleeve
  30. Get a spontaneous tattoo in a different country. – Lanzarote, May 2010
  31. Get a piercing. – 1990-something, the first of 12.
  32. Have a falcon land on my hand. – December 2009, Perriswood Falconry & Archery Centre
  33. Sail on a Schooner. – May 2005, Lanzarote with my mum
  34. Go on an off-road jeep ‘safari’. – May 2005, Lanzarote again
  35. Visit Malta. – 1999, with friends of the family
  36. Ride in a limo. – 1999? to a friend’s birthday party
  37. Pet a tiny little lamb. – 2008/9? incredibly random, being driven down a country road we found it blocked by a herd of sheep. The farmer driving them saw me making ‘aww’ faces at the tiniest lamb ever and gestured for me to wind down my window. As I did, he picked up the itty bitty lamb and held it through the window for me to fuss. So cool!
  38. Go geocaching and find more than one cache. – 2009
  39. Go under general anasthetic (and wake up again!). – 2005
  40. Make hand-made candles. – 2011
  41. Turn one room into a study / library. – 2007
  42. Ride a horse on a beach. – 2000ish? Given that I can’t ride very well, this wasn’t as wonderful as you might imagine.
  43. Go ice skating outdoors at night. – December 2010
  44. Have a lucid dream. – Quite often.
  45. See a flying fish fly. – Lanzarote, May 2010

Bucket List Items

#150 – Go to the opera
#34 – Visit the Natural History Museum

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