The Bucket List

A bucket list is a list of things you want to do before you die or ‘kick the bucket’. This is my list, which I started writing on 10th November 2011 and hope to continue adding to even as I begin crossing things off.

I’m only adding items that I’ve never done – or if I’ve done them before it was when I was too young to really appreciate and/or remember it. There are other things I have achieved, such as getting my degree, which I am proud of but which happened before I had the idea to do this and so are not listed here.

  1. Learn how a car engine works.
  2. Learn how to pick locks.
  3. Practise drawing manga.
  4. Read all my currently unread books.
  5. Read every book on the BBC Top 100 list. [34/100]
  6. Finish the Say Something In Welsh course.
  7. Practise my Welsh!
  8. Go camping.
  9. Travel somewhere by myself.
  10. Learn to throw knives accurately.
  11. Learn to shoot.
  12. Learn to make fire without matches / a lighter.
  13. Visit the modern Seven Wonders of the World.
  14. Visit some of the most famous British castles.
  15. Visit Stonehenge.
  16. Visit the Grand Canyon.
  17. See the Aurora Borealis.
  18. Climb the Eiffel Tower.
  19. Visit Glastonbury.
  20. Visit the Sistine Chapel.
  21. Learn to ballroom dance; at least the waltz, tango and foxtrot.
  22. Swim with dolphins.
  23. Learn archery.
  24. Go canoeing or kayaking.
  25. Learn to tack up a horse, and to walk, trot, canter, gallop and jump.
  26. Ride a mechanical bull.
  27. Learn to do at least a three-beat weave with poi.
  28. Go rock climbing.
  29. Go zorbing.
  30. Go on a cruise.
  31. Go on the Orient Express.
  32. Learn to drive.
  33. Take a first aid course.
  34. Visit the Natural History Museum. 13/12/11
  35. Visit the Tate Gallery.
  36. Attend Burning Man.
  37. Visit all seven continents. [2/7]
  38. Get a full sleeve tattoo [1/4 way there]
  39. Learn to make pottery. Bonus points for using potter’s wheel.
  40. Improve my pool playing.
  41. Practise Derren Brown’s Tricks of the Mind memory exercises.
  42. Learn to perform simple magic tricks.
  43. Learn to make at least 10 origami models from memory. [5/10]
  44. Learn to make clothing.
  45. Learn how to cook a full Sunday roast.
  46. Learn how to cook a three-course dinner.
  47. Practise public speaking.
  48. Build a Habitat for Humanity home in a different country.
  49. Learn to plaster a wall.
  50. Learn the basics of plumbing.
  51. Go WWOOFing.
  52. Finish writing a fanfic.
  53. Finish the gems, herbs and deities sections on Pagan Roots.
  54. Become financially literate and develop a financial strategy.
  55. Trace my family tree.
  56. Learn to meditate.
  57. Dress up and go to the theatre.
  58. Fly in a helicopter.
  59. Fly in a hot air balloon.
  60. Climb Snowdon.
  61. Visit the Berlin wall.
  62. Visit Auschwitz.
  63. Take a pole dancing class.
  64. Visit an Amsterdam coffee shop.
  65. Do a proper road trip.
  66. Learn to juggle more than two balls.
  67. Learn to kill and prepare an animal for food.
  68. Grow and harvest some kind of vegetable.
  69. Learn to knit.
  70. Visit Yellowstone.
  71. Make a lifesize snowman.
  72. Visit Easter Island.
  73. Trek through a rainforest.
  74. Fly first class.
  75. Milk a cow.
  76. Do 50 pushups and 50 situps in a row.
  77. Carve a Halloween pumpkin. 04/11/2013 – so a bit late for Halloween…
  78. Make a Yule log. 17/12/11
  79. Go white water rafting.
  80. Make bread.
  81. Try tightrope walking.
  82. Learn to do a handstand without a wall.
  83. Ride a motorbike.
  84. Stay up all night and watch the sun rise.
  85. Hold a formal dinner party.
  86. Have a spa day.
  87. Leave a tip that’s bigger than the bill was.
  88. Ride on a segway.
  89. Get a henna tattoo on my hands.
  90. Visit the Tower of London.
  91. Become more politically aware.
  92. Go to the top of a lighthouse.
  93. Buy an original painting.
  94. Read the Bible and the Koran.
  95. See Cirque du Soleil live.
  96. Run for 30 minutes straight.
  97. Ride a camel.
  98. Ride an elephant.
  99. Kiss the Blarney Stone.
  100. Travel on the Trans-Siberian railway.
  101. Swim in the Dead Sea.
  102. Attend a ren-faire or re-enactment.
  103. Visit the Smithsonian.
  104. Visit the Houses of Parliament.
  105. Travel by dog sled.
  106. Visit the Museum of Witchcraft, Boscastle.
  107. Go on an African safari.
  108. Go whale watching.
  109. See a polar bear in the wild.
  110. See a lemur in the wild.
  111. Buy (and use) rollerskates.
  112. Learn to walk on peg stilts.
  113. Learn to walk on powerbock stilts.
  114. Watch Old Faithful blow.
  115. Visit the Louvre.
  116. Travel on a canal barge.
  117. Sunbathe on a beach with white sand, palm trees and crystal clear water.
  118. Take a zipline canopy tour.
  119. Experience weightlessness.
  120. Drive a jet ski.
  121. Learn British Sign Language.
  122. Ride on the London Eye.
  123. Hug a redwood.
  124. Read 50 banned books. [11/50]
  125. Take part in NaNoWriMo.
  126. Go clay pidgeon shooting.
  127. Watch The Nutcracker ballet live.
  128. Learn to ice/rollerskate backwards.
  129. Send an Operation Christmas Child shoebox.
  130. Buy expensive champagne and drink it from crystal champagne flutes.
  131. Attend a random open lecture.
  132. Create a DVD of family interviews.
  133. Visit an observatory at night.
  134. Fly in a private jet.
  135. Paint graffitti.
  136. See male strippers.
  137. Get my caricature done.
  138. Own a custom painted hippy van.
  139. Learn to recognise 10 star constellations.
  140. Learn to identify common British flowers and other plants.
  141. See a lunar eclipse.
  142. See a solar eclipse.
  143. Take part in a Warrior Dash.
  144. Become an environmentally responsible consumer.
  145. Go on a wilderness survival course.
  146. Take part in a protest for a cause I support.
  147. Attend a murder mystery weekend.
  148. Go to watch the Rocky Horror Picture Show in full costume.
  149. Hire a maid.
  150. Go to the opera. 30/11/11
  151. Visit 25 countries. [7/25]
  152. Improve my writing skills.
  153. Create a passive income.
  154. Learn to divine with runes.
  155. Improve my tarot reading skills.
  156. Complete a 365 day photo project.
  157. Learn calligraphy.
  158. Make an electronic item from scratch – soldering and everything.
  159. Exercise regularly.
  160. Save someone’s life.
  161. See the Lipizzaner stallions perform.
  162. Drop acid.
  163. Write a will.
  164. Be in India when Holi is celebrated.
  165. Memorise at least 15 good poems or monologues. [2/15]
  166. Learn to use chopsticks.
  167. Learn to write (legibly) with my left hand.
  168. Be able to do the splits.
  169. Go into space.
  170. Improve my SEO skills.
  171. Raise Pagan Roots‘ search placement.
  172. Complete a painting on canvas (even though I have no art talent).
  173. Live in a house that I really love.
  174. Live in a location that I really love.
  175. Go paintballing.
  176. Play lazer tag.
  177. Have a suit tailor-made for me.
  178. Go Geocaching away from my home area.
  179. Sit on a jury.
  180. Visit Longleat.
  181. Be hypnotised (but not on stage).
  182. Buy an investment property.
  183. Go indoor skydiving.
  184. Visit the Eden Project.
  185. Get PixiHosting running automatically.
  186. Learn to whistle using my fingers.
  187. Dance round a bonfire to the sound of drums.

2 thoughts on “The Bucket List

  1. Hi Pixi,

    Landed on your website looking for some NextGen tips and somehow started reading on… Something I rarely do these days… I guess I was just struck by those eyes staring at me from the top of your blog… (fabulous picture!)

    And then I found myself here on your bucket list page… What a list! I hope you will live to be a hundred years old as you will need the time! For someone saying not to know what to do with your life, your list is pretty specific though ;) Found it also nice to see I actually did some of the things your list :o)

    Good luck in checking things of the list!

    Cheers from Holland,

    1. Hi Erik,

      Great to hear from you. :o)

      It’s actually been pretty tough to try and keep moving through this list – maybe I will need to be 100 to finish it! Your comment has given me fresh motivation to keep working on it though, so thank you for that!

      – Pixi

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