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Single Picture

[singlepic id=x w=width h=height mode=web20|watermark float=left|right|center]

The singepic shortcode displays a single picture from any gallery.  Clicking on the image displays the image as you have specified on the Effects options page.  With the default Thickbox effect, the background goes gray and a larger version of the image (if available) is displayed.

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[slideshow id=x w=width h=height]

The slideshow shortcode displays all the images in a gallery as an embedded slideshow on the page. Clicking the image advances the display to the next picture. The width and height can be defined in the shortcode.

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Image Browser

[imagebrowser id=x]

The imagebrowser shortcode displays images in a gallery one at a time in a large format.  You can move to another image in the gallery by clicking on the Back or Next links below the image.  Click on the image to view a larger version.  The Alt / Title text for each image is displayed above it and the picture number in the gallery is displayed between the Back and Next buttons.

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Tagged Images

[nggtags gallery|album=mytag,wordpress,…]

This seems to have weird results once you click on an album or gallery; the pictures in it are duplicated, and not restricted to the tag(s) selected. The nggtags shortcode displays all images with a particular tag. The tag(s) are defined in the shortcode, and there can be just one, or a comma-separated list of several. The images can be displayed in a gallery…

no images were found

…or in an album.

no images were found


Random Images

[random max=x]
This does select a random three, but when you click a thumbnail it loads a gallery and the pictures in it are not restricted to the random ones displayed.

no images were found


Recent Images

[recent max=x]
This does select your recent pictures, but when you click a thumbnail it loads a gallery and the pictures in it are not restricted to the recent ones displayed.

no images were found



[nggallery id=x]

The nggallery shortcode displays the thumbnails for the images in a single gallery on the post or page.

no images were found



[album id=x template=extend|compact]

The album shortcode displays the galleries in an album on the page.  Galleries appear in the order in which they are placed on the album admin page.  There are two album views available.  In both views the image selected for the gallery on the gallery’s admin page is displayed.  If none is selected, no image is displayed. You can’t have more than one album shortcode on a page; when you click a thumbnail to select that item the page reloads and any other instances of the album shortcode vanish.

Extended view

In the extended view galleries are displayed on separate rows.  Each row consists of the title listed above, the gallery image selected on the admin page for the gallery, the description of the gallery specified on the admin page for the gallery, and the number of photos in the gallery.

no images were found


Compact view

In the compact view multiple galleries are displayed on each row in the style of Flickr.  Each row consists of as many galleries as will fit.  Each gallery is displayed as a column with the gallery image on top, the gallery title in the middle, and the count of photos below that.

no images were found

To display the contents of a gallery, simply click on the gallery title or on the gallery image.  If the “deactivate gallery page link” option on the Gallery options page is checked, the contents of the gallery will be displayed on the same page.

If the option is unchecked, make sure you have selected a page that displays the gallery (i.e. specifies the gallery shortcode with the ID of the gallery) or the page will simply refresh.

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