Government Misdirecting Anger

I think one of the most insidious things the coalition government has done is to try and misdirect our anger towards the ill and disabled – the vulnerable people in our society – when it should be more rightfully be directed towards the profiteering upper classes.

Working class people are facing tough times at the moment, with cash flow being severely restricted and a lack of confidence in job security adding additional stress. And yet the government is misdirecting their anger and frustration at the situation they find themselves in, towards the vulnerable people who most need society’s support.

When a worker feels frustration that they are working long hours for little money, they are told that this is the fault of the people who are claiming benefits. That if there weren’t so many poor and sick people stealing this money then they would see it going into their pockets instead.

This is a lie.
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Awesome Orcas – Crappy Humans

I watched a video on The Chive website, which showed a small group of orcas swimming in the wake of a boat. I thought it was a really amazing video because the killer whales were not only incredibly close to the boat, but they were jumping out of the water. In fact, they looked just like dolphins playing and leaping in the surf off a boat – a far more common occurence. Anyhow, I thought it must have been incredibly thrilling to be one of the people on the boat, and I bet it’s a sight they won’t forget in a hurry. In fact, watching the video just brought a big smile to my face.

Until I read the comments on the article.

See, there’s sound to the video as well, and mostly what you can hear is one of the women on the boat saying things like, ‘Oh my god! This is unreal!’ Which to me seems like a reasonable reaction when you’re watching wild killer whales leap out of the water a couple of metres away from you. No?

So I felt really fucking disappointed with humanity, when I scrolled to the comments and read the following;

GotYour6 said: “Throw the bitch in and get another show.”

Durk said: “If only the whore would shut the fuck up and stop screaming and yelling”

Duncanmurray13 said: “i hate this woman so much”

BobNet said: “I’d let you keep it if you’d shove it down that bitch’s throat so she would shut up.”

How the hell are these comments appropriate? What kind of twisted individual do you have to be to direct this kind of hatred towards someone who was simply expressing awe and excitement? What kind of attitude must these commenters have towards women in general that they felt justified in calling her a bitch and a whore simply because she was amazed by this close encounter with wild orcas? What planet are they fucking living on, that after watching a spectacular nature video, all they can contribute is bile and filth?

I would rather listen to this lady scream and shout all day long, than spend a minute sat silently in a room with these people. She’s enjoying her life, and isn’t afraid to share her positive emotions about a wonderful thing she’s witnessing. The commenters appear to hate her, and wish her harm because she’s happy. I know which kind of person the world can do without.

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