Commands I’ve Taught My Dog

This is a list of commands that I’ve taught Difa, my German Shepherd. She was born on 7th July, and I started teaching her tricks and other useful commands almost as soon as we brought her home. She learns very quickly, and gets really excited about it as well.

Some of these commands weren’t taught intentionally, like ‘mind out’ for example. We talk to her a lot though, and she’s picked up on what we want when we say quite a lot of things. Most of the time it’s more down to our tone of voice and body language than what we say; we could say complete jibberish, but say it in the right way and she’ll still respond. Some of these ‘accidental’ commands started that way, but have reached the point where she recognises the words as well.

  • Sit
  • Here (come here)
  • Ah! (no / don’t do that / stop it)
  • Down (as in lie down)
  • Wait (like stay)
  • OK (release from wait command)
  • Gimme five (give me a paw)
  • Touch (touch my hand with nose)
  • Spin (spin in a circle clockwise)
  • Twist (spin in a circle anti-clockwise)
  • In jail (go into her crate, which is her bed)
  • Is it bedtime? (has the same result as the above)
  • On your chair (go and lie down on the chair that’s become hers by squatters’ rights)
  • Back up (reverse, walk backwards)
  • Mind out / ‘scuse me (get out of my way)
  • Find daddy / go to daddy (go to my partner)
  • Find mummy / go to mummy (go to me)
  • Off (get off whatever she’s on)
  • Up (jump onto indicated surface)
  • Go that way (go the way I’m pointing)
  • By me (sit at my right side, facing forwards)
  • Come round (sit at my left side, facing forwards)
  • Catch (catch whatever I’m about to throw)
  • Give (give me whatever she’s holding in her mouth)
  • Drop (drop whatever she’s holding in her mouth)
  • Leave it (leave whatever she was sniffing / licking / eating)
  • Bring it here (used when she clearly wants us to play with a toy, but we’re too lazy to get up and get it)
  • Stop bothering the damn cat! (self explanatory)
  • Out (leave the room)

I’m working on a few new ones as well;

  • Touch
    – At the moment this means touching my hand with her nose, I want to expand it to touching what I’m indicating at the time.
  • Through
    – Run through my legs
  • Weave
    – Weave through the agility poles
  • Hold
    – Hold an item in her mouth until told to drop it. I’ve tried this for ages, but she seems to have a blind spot for it, and just holds it for a random amount of time. Need to re-evaluate how I’m teaching it.
  • Stand
    – Stand up from a sitting or laying position. Again I’ve tried teaching this before, with sporadic results.

I’ve also bought her a flyball box for Xmas this year (yes, I buy my pets presents, and?) which I’m really hoping she’ll enjoy, although to begin with I’ll need to teach her how to use it.

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