The Ballad of Unicorn Isle – Trevor Millum

Once upon a faraway time
Before the clocks had learned to chime
When every river spoke in rhyme
Once upon a time

Once within a distant land
Where mountains hadn’t heard of man
Where dolphins played and bluebirds sang
Once within a land

Then and there in echoing light
Where gold was day and silver night
Lived unicorns of purest black and white
There in echoing light

One shining day in shimmering glade
The seer had come to speak they said
An ancient one with eyes of jade
One shimmering shining day

“I saw the future far away –
Hearken friends to what I say!
I saw grey night and I saw grey day
In the future far away!

I saw the pale two legged beast
Rise up from west, rise up from east
And slay our kind for fun and feast
The pale two-legged beast.

It hunted down the unicorn
It cut off head, it cut off horn
Or stole our foals as they were born
And caged the noble unicorn.”

Once upon a desperate hour
In the shadow of the great moonflower
They made a pact to use their power
Upon a desperate hour.

So faded they from human sight
Though wild geese see them from their flight
And children dream of them at night
Invisible to human sight

Once within a faraway land
Where unicorns first heard of man
Where hotels rise and tourists tan
Once within a land…

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