My Good Qualities And How To Demonstrate Them

After deciding that I need to do more to actively demonstrate my good qualities – as well as developing desirable qualities that I can’t honestly say I already have – I thought I’d write a list of these qualities along with ways to embody them in my daily life.


  • Doing random acts of kindness for strangers.
  • Initiating contact with my friends and family more often.
  • Spending money on small gifts for my friends and family.


  • Writing fanfiction and short stories.
  • Creating spoken-word poetry.


  • Studying about new topics, or exploring ones I already know in more depth.

Caring For Animals

  • Spending more time training Difa to do new tricks.
  • Spending more time walking Difa.
  • Grooming Difa and Danni every day.

Caring For The Environment

  • Recycling more than I already do.
  • Spending more time outdoors, in nature.
  • Learning about local plant life.


  • Become involved in work to support equal rights.


  • Trying new things without worrying about whether I’ll be good at them.

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