iTunes / iPhone File Sharing Is Off

One day I found I could no longer transfer files between my iPhone and iTunes.

Normal procedure would be to connect the phone to my laptop using a USB cable, and then in iTunes go into the Apps part of my phone, scroll down to File Sharing, and I’d get a list on the left of apps which had file sharing capabilities. Then I could click on an app, and in the section on the right I’d get a list of all the files which I could save from that app.

For some reason this stopped working – I have no idea why – I didn’t change any options myself. I’d go into the apps screen, see the apps on the left, but clicking on them no longer brought up any files on the right. And the “File Sharing” title turned to “File Sharing is Off”.

Solution? Not sure why, but turning wifi off on my phone seemed to make it work again. Turn wifi back on, files disappear. Turn wifi off, files come back.

Chrome Won’t Display Unicode Characters

Unicode Character Problem

I found today that Chrome was refusing to display certain unicode characters when they appeared on a web page. Instead it would display a little place-holder box. I had a unicode font installed on the computer which should have let Chrome display the characters, and in fact if I copied and pasted the place-holder boxes from the web page into the address bar, they would appear there as actual characters. But not on the web page itself. Trying in Firefox, they would display correctly on the page.

Why Won’t Chrome Display Unicode Characters

When Chrome comes across a character which doesn’t appear in the font used to render the page it checks a list of other fonts to see if any of them have that character. When it still can’t find it, it displays the place-holder box. Firefox on the other hand checks a list of other fonts¬†and has its own internal set to check if it still can’t find it. Although I had a font installed on my system, it wasn’t one of the ones on the list that Chrome checked.

Solution To Display Unicode Characters In Chrome

The answer was annoyingly easy after going crazy wondering why it wasn’t working; install a different font which definitely¬†is on Chrome’s list. In this case, “Code2000”, which is origianally by James Kass. Install the font, re-open Chrome and the characters appear on the web page as they’re supposed to.

Download Code2000 Fonts

Speeding Up Excel

From Tayyab Hussain, via

Tips for Formula Speeding Up

No doubt excel is a powerful analytical tool but most of the people do not plan before designing there spreadsheet. One should plan the Start and End in mind, and the assumption that the spreadsheet will never be used again should kept out of mind. Perhaps this is might be the number one rule. Spreadsheets are about giving correct information to the user, not possible erroneous information that looks good. Continue reading “Speeding Up Excel”

Deleting Autofill / Autocomplete Entries in Firefox

Have you ever accidentally made a typo when filling in your username or email address in a login form? Has Firefox remembered that one mistake forever? Does it annoy you to see that badly spelled version of your name pop up in the autofill suggestions every time you try to login?

Fear not! The solution is ridiculously simple.

Start typing your username / email address / whatever in the input box and wait for the autocomplete options to pop up. Use the cursor keys to highlight the option you want to delete. Hold down shift and press delete. Simple as that.

Avidemux – Free Video Editing Software

I’m very impressed with Avidemux, a free video editor I found today. My old video recorder used to record clips as one continuous film, and so when I took the file off it I had just that; one file. To get it back down into clips I was using Windows Live Movie Maker, which is also free and, I believe, installed with Windows 7 by default.

Continue reading “Avidemux – Free Video Editing Software”

Firefox Address Bar Search Engine

In Firefox you can search the internet by typing keywords into the browser address bar. To change the search engine provider (EG: Bing, Google…) do the following;

  • Open a new tab and type about:config into the address bar.
  • On the warning that appears, click I’ll be careful, I promise.
  • In the search box at the top of the page type keyword.URL.
  • Right click on the keyword.URL entry that comes up and choose Modify.
  • Enter one of the following depending on your preference;
    • Google:
    • Yahoo:
    • Ask:
    • Bing:

How to connect an external hard drive to an Xbox

It sounds like it would be pretty simple to connect an external hard drive to your Xbox. Take a USB cable and plug it in to both devices, right? Wrong, as I found out.

I wanted to hook up our 1TB hard drive with all the movies and TV shows on it, as well as my music and pictures, but when I plugged it into one of the front USB ports nothing at all happened. I tried a back port, but the Xbox remained sullen and unresponsive. Continue reading “How to connect an external hard drive to an Xbox”