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Sunshine Me 24-04-16 - Copy This is me. I own and run this site.

This website is intended to serve two purposes. Firstly it’s a back up library of all the things I might ever want to read again. I’m creating a collection of my favourite stories, poems, fanfic and quotes so that I can read them any time, any place that I want. I’m also keeping copies of any other information that I think might possibly maybe come in handy ever again. I’m something of a hoarder.

Secondly it’s where I’m keeping track of my bucket list. I’m using this blog to keep track of what I’ve accomplished and what I have left to do. I’m also tracking recommended books, because I love to read and these classics are considered worthwhile by a lot of people. Since I compiled my list of must-read fiction, I thought it only fair to include must-read non-fiction, and then decided it was worth having a list for classical music as well.

What’s With All The Lists?

I’m a compulsive organiser; I get it from my mother. We both firmly believe there is no problem in life that cannot be solved by the liberal application of bullet points.

Quit Smoking 1st May 2013

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